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Our Plant is located in Northwest Ohio, A few minutes South East of Toledo at the intersection of Woodville and Moline-Martin road. (SR51 and 795).



Guardian Millbury Employee Sites:




ActiveHealth (Condition/Weight Mgmt) www.MyActiveHealth.com/GuardianianInd  
Dental Benefits Website www.DeltaDental.com  
Health Management www.hmsanet.com  
Health Risk Assessment (HRA) www.healthguardhra.guardian.com    
Medco (Prescriptions) www.medco.com  
Medical Mutual Website www.medmutual.com  
Online Benefit Enrollment www.myhealthguardbenefits.com  
Quit For Life (Tobacco Cessation) www.QuitNow.net  
Employee ePay stub and W4 information https://epaystub.guardian.com         
401k Savings Plan site http://futureguard.guardian.com        
Guardian Sites:  
Guardian Public Site www.guardian.com  
Guardian Automotive Blog http://automotiveglass.guardian.com  
Custom Glass Solutions by Guardian www.customglasssolutions.com/  

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